Monday, March 19, 2012

The Party

None of Lilly's friends from school showed up to her party. It didn't really seem to bother her much. I'm sure with ball practice starting up some were actually busy.
We got to the building around 11:30 to start decorating and it only took us about an hour to do it all. We were moving fast. I thought it looked real good. Hubby's sister was there with her daughter helping us out. Then, they left to get lunch and took Zach with them. I had packed my kids sandwiches that they ate almost as soon as we got there. Me and Lilly hung out. Took pictures. Put some more decorations up. Sat by the pond. It was nice.
About 2:30 people started showing up. Hubby got there and put together her soccer net and all the kids were outside playing. I had soccer, volleyball, baseball, football, bouncy balls, basketballs and frisbees out there. The kids were having a blast.
We opened gifts and she loved them all. She loved all her clothes, did some kind of evil laugh when she opened her Nerf dart gun, screamed when she opened her camera and almost fell out of her chair when she opened her guitar. She was very comical to watch. I got some great pictures on my camera of her face. She was excited over every single gift...even chapstick.
My bff showed up in the middle of gift opening and she brought her neice that's around Lilly's age. They ended up playing real well together.
The cake was good. Zach took a nap. The kids played some more. Then it rained. Lilly was upset because she was really wanting to go fishing. We started to clean up, which really didn't take that long. It was trying to fit everything in my car that was the hard part.
So, she had lots of fun, Zach was wore out and she loved all her stuff. Here's some pics
Here's my bff with some poppy ball toy things in her eyes.

Lilly just hit the ball. See it right above her head?

Little man playing

Zach playing soccer

Lilly taking a picture of me with my camera before people started showing up

Lilly's cake. Half was soccer and half was softball

Some of her balloons

How cool is this candy?

Lilly taking pictures with my camera before the party

Zach had a long day. I'm glad I brought the blanket and pillow

Here's Lilly camera

Here's her guitar
It really was a good party. Everyone wore green since it was St. Paticks Day. I had bought green beaded necklaces in case someone showed up not wearing green.
Her first softball practice of the season is today. She's super excited about it.
We went to look at a house on Friday, too. It was nice. Real nice. 3 bedrooms upstairs, one downstairs. One full bath and 2 half baths. One car garage with extra storage. Kitchen has lots of cabinets and counter space. The yard is a good size, new roof... it was nice. The bathroom fixtures were a really ugly yellow though, which isn't a big deal and the yard was super squishy. Hubbys thinking there might be a spring in the yard, but its been raining a lot lately. I told him we'll wait until it hasn't rained a few days and we'll go back and look. Hubby wasn't impressed with the bedroom sizes or the layout of the kitchen. I thought it was fine. We don't need a huge bedroom and I'll be the one spending the most time in the kitchen. I liked it. After we look at the yard again, we might make an offer. Its way out of our price range, but we can at least try. They might take our offer, ya never know. Told hubby we need to go in super low just to see what they counter with. He's always wanting to go in with all we got and then we don't have any room to wriggle when they want more money. BUT... this might be the house. There's even some nice furniture that they are willing to sell with the house, but the only thing we are interested in is the dining room set. Real nice.

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