Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can I get a WOOO!?

I left work early yesterday because I couldn't find my wallet and I was hoping it was at home. That and I was getting a migraine. Thankfully, my wallet was there...just laying on the floor by the couch with my chapstick that I was missing too. So... I hit the gym early. I worked out for 2 hours. 20 mins on elliptical, 20 mins on treadmill, 20 mins on bike, 50 mins on weights and 10 mins on stair climber.
Then we took the kids to hubby's mom so they could ride their bikes. We don't have room to keep the bikes at our place, so we keep them there. I had to leave to pack a diaper bag at our house. As I was pulling in, Lilly was pushing Zach on his bike and turned a little too sharp and was dumping Zach out of his bike. I was on the phone with mom. I parked my car in the middle of the road, left my door open, threw my phone on the ground, ran over and put him back on his bike. He wasn't completely out and Lilly had the bike tilted. He had his hands on the ground and his butt on his bike.
Here's a pic of Lilly pushing Zach...
Both of them had a blast. It was the first time Zach really got to ride in his bike and Lilly loved that she was the first one to push him. 
I couldn't get a picture of Lilly on her bike. Every time I got my phone out to take a picture, she took off and was a blur.
The moon was real pretty last night, full and bright.
On our way home at 7:00, Zach fell asleep in the car. He usually wakes up as soon as he gets picked up out of his car seat, but he didn't this time. We went inside the apt and I layed him on the couch, took his shoes and coat off and he was still asleep. I decided to go to bed super early since he was asleep super early and I was soooo tired. 9:00 I hit the sack. I hear Zach get up, not sure what time, but hubby gets him since he's still up. Then...Zach didn't get back up until 4:00. A sippy cup later and he was out again and I had trouble getting him up at 6:00. I feel bad cuz he missed his bath and dinner, but he was so tired. He's never slept so good. I've never slept so good. I feel great today. I had some messed up dreams last night, but other than that it was one of the best nights of sleep I've gotten in so long.
I ran into a problem with Lilly birthday party. I was wanting to have it on the 17th at the Y, but they are booked that day... and so is the community building. I'm going to have to check around at the prices of other places, but maybe the weather will be good and we can have it outside. I was thinking about the hunting and fishing club close to our house. Hubby's parents are members, so hopefully we can do something there.
Let's see...what's happened during that month I couldn't post. Lilly lost her second tooth. Zach's new thing is walking backwards. He can use a fork now, but he doesn't like to put it in his mouth. He will poke the food then take it off the fork with his other hand and pop it in his mouth. My little girl turns 7 in 3 weeks!!! I can't believe it. I still remember the days when it was just me and her, remember them like it was yesterday. Falling asleep on the couch all cuddled up together watching Wizard of Oz. Going on walks to everywhere. Driving to a park just because. Going out for ice cream whenever we felt like it. ..... I'm going to have to start doing this again. Maybe I've become a stale mom. I need to go back and do all those things with both of them. One problem is that I don't live in the same neighborhood that I did when it was just me and Lilly. I felt safer there. There was less traffic, less people. I felt safer taking her out.
So anyway......................................................... with all the sleep I got last night, I do think I could actually get some more. ha ha
My bff is coming in from NY next weekend. I'm super excited. WOOOOOO!!!!
My bff became an aunt last month too. Her little brother, who isn't so little, had his first baby. Pretty little girl with bright red hair. One of my friends from high school had his first child too. 2 days before my bff's brother. I went to the hospital the day the little red head was born to see both babies.
Oh! and the guy I talk about in my post called "Justice" that I wrote back in January... well.. his sentencing date was last month. He was sentenced to a minimum of 715 years in jail. Yep 715.. that's no typo. Seven hundred and fifteen years in jail.

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