Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know I'm a little later than usual on my posting today. I couldn't help it. My morning was hectic and I was just so tired. I was up last night from 1-4 with Zach. He had a nightmare and wouldn't go back to sleep. At least I figured he had a bad dream from the way he woke up screaming trying to climb out of his bed.
Lilly is 7 today! I hid her birthday card from me in her backpack in her snack pocket so she'll find it around snack time today. I'm going to leave work 1/2 an hour early to make sure I can make it to the Y in time to give her a balloon. I hope she doesn't get picked up early today. I gave her 3 wooden roses yesterday and she loved them.
We went yesterday to the wake of hubby's friend's brother that had passed away Monday. I didn't really get to meet with the family much, I was running after Zach. He was not very happy. His tummy knew it was dinner time and nothing else mattered. Lilly was well behaved. A lot of people did show up.... a lot of fire fighters from across the county as well as ambulance drivers and EMT's. The funeral was today. Hubby took the day off, he was a pall bearer.
I actually don't think I'm going to work out today. I didn't yesterday because of the wake. I went Tuesday and lifted weights for an hour, but I think I'm going to skip the rest of the week. The weather's been nice and I've been outside more, walking and playing with the kids, so that helps. I think I just really need a break. I'll continue with it next week on Tuesday. Hubby kind of needs me home. He's not taking the passing of this one very well. I'm not too sure how well hubby knew him. I know he was on the fire station as an EMT/first responder, but hubby never talked about him. I don't know. He was really wanting me there last night for him, and I was even though it was only for an hour and he thanked me for going. He was up last night with weird dreams. He never called them nightmares, just weird. I didn't press further. I figured if he wanted me to know, he'd tell me. Death is a very touchy issue with him. No one really wants to talk about it, but its unavoidable. When Lilly has questions, I try my best to answer them and make sure my answers aren't too complicated or morbid. She was asking me yesterday about Heaven. She even asked me that when I die if I would come back and leave her a note telling her how Heaven was. I told her I would. She asked about where we'd live up there and I told her that we all get our own mansions. We've had several discussions about Heaven and death and she's being able to deal with it better. She used to spontaniously start crying saying she didn't want to die. She doesn't do that anymore.
Well........ I only have a little over an hour before I go get a balloon. Watch.. she'll already be gone from the Y when I get there.

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