Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Lilly's first practice went ok. I didn't get any pictures on my phone. I was too busy taking pictures of her on her camera. She asked me to. We were the first ones there besides the coach. Lilly went to warm up with coach's daughter. Is there never going to be a year when the coach has a kid or family member on the team? I hate it. Her daughter ended up playing first base and pitcher the entire time. Lilly was in the outfield. Never moved. When they were taking turns batting, the coach was taking 2 kids at a time to get ready to bat and the rest stayed in the field. She then started on third base, took that kid to bat and replaced her with a kid that just batted. She said she was going to go clockwise, which woulda put Lilly as 4th batter. She ended up switching is up right before Lilly so her own kid could go bat. Lilly was the last one to get to go. Then at the end of practice she hands me a paper that the league had lost. It was medical information on Lilly that I had already filled out, but since it was lost, I had to do it again. She told me to fill it out before I leave. So I go to my car to get a pen and the insurance card and I'm not even halfway done....when the coach gets in her car and leaves.
She told the kids that they were all going to learn to play every position, but Lilly was the only kid that never moved from outfield. She's a great player. She can throw further than most of the girls on her team. She can catch better and pays attention, but she was out there where she didn't get to do anything. She was very upset. I know it was the first practice, but you don't need to be like that. The coach needs to be equally fair with each kid. If you're saying that one kid is next to bat, you can't change your mind at the last minute. If you say that you want the kids to practice on every spot on the field, then do it. I felt so bad for her. There she was, out there, watching, not getting to participate. So... I'm not too much of a fan of the coach just yet. And then there was these 2 guys, I'm guessing the dad and grandpa to a girl named Hadley... who wouldn't pay much attention and just threw the ball wherever she wanted. (when they get the ball after its been hit, they are supposed to throw it to first, every time, but this girl was throwing it to home plate, to third and a few times toward the dugout which isn't even in the same direction as first) anyway.. these 2 guys kept yelling at her to go get the ball when it wasn't even nowhere near her. She started out between first and second base and whenever the ball was hit toward third base, they'd yell at her to go get it.... and she'd take off running only to be in the way. I felt bad for her.
One of Lilly's friends from school showed up for practice, but only to tell the coach that they were quitting. Lilly was so excited to see her and then her poor little heart was crushed when they took off. She couldn't play because she is enrolled in soccer, 4H and ballet already. Don't you think that's a little too much for a 6 or 7 year old to be doing all at once? I kinda wanted to slap the mom. I made Lilly chose between soccer and softball. I wouldn't let her do both. Next year though, I'm going to let her enroll in Girl Scouts, but that's completely different. Its not like if she misses a meeting she'll be bad during a game or not taught a 'play', ya know. So now Lilly is back to not knowing any of the girls on her team, which really isn't too much of a bad thing. It just makes the first couple of practices awkward for her until she gets to know them.

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