Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can't think of a title

I went to the candy store in the mall today to get the candy for Lilly's birthday party. I got some soccer ball, softball and football foil covered milk chocolate balls. I also got some green kiwi and some green 7-Up flavor Jelly Bellys and gold foiled coins because we're having the party on St. Patrick's Day. I might go somewhere and get the kids some green bead necklaces too. I think I'm more excited about the party than Lilly is. I love planning my kids parties.
Lilly got in a bit of trouble yesterday handing out her invitations. We aren't inviting the entire class because she doesn't want kids she's not friends with showing up.... completely understandable. Well.... she got in trouble cuz she didn't have enough for everyone. She did manage to get most of them handed out before she got caught. We only have 3 more to go. I hope some of them show up. I'd hate it if they didn't. She's looking so forward to this party. Its going to be a pretty day that day and there's plenty of outside activities for the kids to do. I made sure I got enough stuff to keep at least 20 kids busy. I let Lilly invite 16 kids from school and the Y and then we have family and friends of family.. so if they all show up, that's about 20 kids.
Zach's getting pretty good at using a fork

And here's Lilly playing ball
I got a call from the little league Sunday night. He said he was confused.. "It says here that her birthday is March 2005, is this right?" yeah. "You have her signed up to play coach pitch softball." Yeah...ok. "She's only 6?" Yeah, but she'll be 7 before practice even starts and I even asked the people during sign up if she had to do t-ball again and they said we could do whichever. "Oh, so you want to do softball then?" yeah. "Well...our cut off date for the ages is January first." Ok... But she'll be the biggest and oldest kid on the team again this year..and I asked during sign ups. "Oh, so she did play t-ball last year then?" yeah "Then that's all that matters. You want her to play softball?" yeah. "Ok, then, you'll be getting a call in the next couple of days telling you who your coach is going to be and then they'll call you with a schedule." Ok, great, thanks, bye.  UM............ really? And I'm pretty sure the guy that called me was the same guy I talked to at sign ups.
So I talked to big boss guy about me staying until 5:00 and he said I didn't have to. And he kinda wants me to start coming in about half an hour later, but he said he'll look into it first...whatever that means. He also said raises should be in anytime now.
Thinking about taking half a day Friday so I can do some last minute shopping for Lilly's party. I haven't even been to the party store to see what they had and we still haven't even picked out a cake!

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