Friday, March 23, 2012


The awesome thing on my daily awesome calendar for today is "When you know all the buttons to speed through the automated telephone system." I laughed. I do this everyday. I have 2 desks at work and I have to move my phones extention whenever I switch desks. I push the 'voicemail' button, enter my extention, enter my password followed by #, push 7, push 3, push 1 and hang up.
I am leaving work early today to hang out with my bff. She's meeting me at my house, we're going to Taco Bell to try out the new Dorito taco and then we head back to my house to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1. Yeah, as I've mentioned before I am a Twilight geek. Although, ever since I've read the Hunger Games, I've been a little obsessed. The Hunger Games movie came out today and I'm dying to see it. I can't wait. Its going to be great! I'm just having problems finding someone to go to the theater with me. Hubby isn't really interested even though I think he'd really like it. My bff doesn't really want to go, but she said she would. I don't think it'll be her cup of tea. I want her to read the books first so see if she'll like it. I told hubby's sister what it was about and she's not interested although her oldest son is. I might end up taking him. Maybe I'll call up my little bro and see is he wants to go.
I left work 1/2 an hour early yesterday so I could go buy Lilly a balloon and take it to her. I found a butterfly balloon that said "Happy Birthday" on it and I got a balloon weight that looked like a present. I rushed to the Y and surprised her with it. She told me she found her card from me and didn't know what it was at first. She was excited about the card and the balloon. But when I was leaving, she told me to take the balloon home with me because she didn't want to take it to her father's. I told her that was the whole reason I gave it to her, she has other balloons at the house from her party. She insisted, so I took it home with me.
My boss was doing a new fundraiser for Relay, she was selling wooden flowers at an equipment expo. Ya know... with construction equipment and stuff. Apparently a lot of the guys there thought the flowers were such a great idea, she raised $970 in 2 days! For anyone looking for a fundraiser, look for some wooden flowers. They come in all kinds of colors and they never die.
My Relay fundraiser is coming up next week. I'm having a 31 representative come to my work to sell 31 products. It was a big hit last year. I'll post the website up here later so if any of you are interested, you can get a nice purse and help contribute to American Cancer Society. The rep will open an account on her website and the sells from that too will go toward Relay. I'd love it if you'd help out. And you'll get a little something for yourself, or a loved one, in return. If you spend $31 you get a purse for 1/2 off! Anyway..I'll post all that later.

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