Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh the Rain!

Its been raining for quite a while now. We are under a flood watch. It rained most of yesterday, it was raining when I left the house this morning and its still raining. The one day that would have been perfect for Lilly to wear her raincoat, she didn't.
I'm leaving work early today to finish up birthday shopping and to wrap Lilly's gifts. I haven't gotten any RSVP's from any of her friends at school yet. I'm a bit worried. But last year, I was getting people calling me on our way to the party. I did put on the invitation to RSVP by today. Since the party is tomorrow and we have to buy food and do goodie bags, I thought today was a good time frame.
I'm wore out and sore today. I think I over-did it at the gym yesterday. Even the bottoms of my feet hurt.
Ended up skipping dinner again yesterday. I was too tired to cook. I whipped up something for the kids, but that was it. I thought I'd be starving this morning, but I'm not... yet anyway.
My best friend is driving in to WV today from NY. Its a long drive and I hope they make it ok. I'm not sure what time they'll be leaving or arriving. She might be able to make it to Lilly's party after all. She didn't make it last year and it was the first year she wasn't there. She missed Zach's, but that was during the time that she was actually in the process of moving from VA to NY. She moves around too much.
Ok, yawning every 5 seconds is making it hard to type. YAWN!! Are  you yawning yet? Did you know that you don't really have to see a yawn for a yawn to be contagious? You can also think or read the word yawn and have the urge to yawn. Have you yawned yet?

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