Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tomorrow is her birthday!

Another house came up for sale yesterday and the picture and discription looked promising so we went to drive by it to take a look. The picture was very deceiving! This house was not well taken care of at all. There are holes in the siding and mold growing all around it. There is no yard. The little bit of grass that comes with the house is all hill and not even enough hill to sleigh ride down during the winter. So... this one is a NO. The drove by the other house that we looked at Friday to walk through the yard. It seemed fine. I told hubby he gets until next week to either give me the green light or not to start working on our loan. Our pre-approval expired so I have to do that all over again. I do like this house. Its roomy, but not too spacious. The yard is a good size, but not too big where I wouldn't want to go mow the grass. Its just... almost perfect. I don't really like being able to see a house out of every window of our house, but there's really not much I can do about that. At least they are all nice houses.
My little girl turns 7 tomorrow! I haven't really gotten to do all the things for her birthday that I wanted to. I was wanting to take her to a movie and we were going to go out to eat at her favorite place tonight, but one of hubby's friends brother passed away the other day and the wake is tonight. He was an ambulance driver and a volunteer fire fighter. I still have the birthday card to put in her backpack tomorrow for her to find later in the day and I bought her some wooden roses of her favorite colors for today. We can go out to eat for her birthday next week. Or maybe I we can take her Friday before ball practice. She has practice at 6:45, so that's plenty of time to go out. When its her father's days to have her, but she has practice or a game, I pick her up and feed her and get her ready and then he meets us there.
Ok, ok... if I don't stop now, I'll ramble on forever.

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