Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pics from Lilly's practice

Practice went better this time. Longer too. The coach played all the girls on almost every posistion. Lilly was on third, first, pitchers mound and outfield and got to bat 4 times. Zach was ok during practice. He got a little restless about halfway through so I was trying to chase him down while still watching Lilly. I think I did ok. Here's some pics from practice

Lilly did a good job. She was on top of that ball. She hit it every time when she was up to bat and caught it almost every time it was hit to her.
Last night me and hubby ate really late....which is also my awesome thing from yesterday. **Eating quick foods late at night** We ended up having spicy chicken wings and pepperoni rolls at 11:00 last night while watching Two and a Half Men. Hubby ran out to the store and we just heated this stuff up in the microwave. He didn't get home til late since he was at the fire station trying to clean up training files and I was too busy with the kids and what not. I fixed them dinner, did homework, bathed them (well... bathed Zach, Lilly can take a shower on her own), played for a few minutes and put them to bed. That's when hubby walks through the door. After eating that stuff for dinner, I woke up at 3 am with a horrible heartburn...
I was lucky enough to win 4 circus tickets off the radio yesterday. So... looks like Zach's going to his first circus next month!! We used to go every year to the Shriners circus every year because we got free tickets. Hubby's mom knows someone or something. 2 years ago, Lilly said that she was bored with it. They do the same stuff every year, with the same sound effects, with the same lighting... it is kind of boring after 4 straight years of it. So... this year we are mixing it up and going to Ringling Brothers circus. I haven't been to theirs since I was a little kid. I hope its different than the other one.

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